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Privacy policy

Idha Sweden AB (IDHA) is obliged to protect your privacy. This Privacy policy describes how we collect and use your personal data when using our service idha-Online.

When starting an idha-Online account we collect your contact details; name of company, Company ID, billing and shipping adress, name of contact person, email address, phone number.

IDHA is the Data Processor with the service idha-Online. Digital tachograph data from driver cards and tachographs is stored in the service. Also user data is stored in the service. The service idha-Online is used in order to meet other legal demands as Regulation (EC) No 561/2006 (Driving time and rest periods) and Road Transport Directive and other national legal demands in the transport industry. A more detailed description of the service idha-Online is found in the ”Data Processing Agreement” in the section Download at

IDHA don´t sell any address list, any tachograph data or trendanalysis to other companies.

When you contact our support we collect data in order to help you solve whatever issue you may have. It´s always possible to say no to any newsletters from IDHA. Though we suggest not to in order for you to learn more about new features in the service. IDHA is using data from your idha-Online account in order to prepare billing records.

IDHA is using cookies in a responsible way in order for you to be able to use the homepage and idha-Online service at it´s best performance. Cookies is not used in order to retrieve and analyze information in the file. It´s possible for you to make cookie settings in your webbrowser.

GDPR – your integrity is important to us

We understand how important tachograph data is for your business. Therefore we´re making sure that your tachograph data is secured and take full responsibility towards legal demands in GDPR.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into effect on May 25, 2018. It provides the citizens of the EU greater control over their personal data and assures that their information is being securely protected.

IDHA Sweden AB is fully committed developing the service towards GDPR demands.

As our customer you can be safe with your data for many reasons:

  • We´re devoted since 2007 to support you with store and analyze tachograph data
  • We´re trying our best in order to make the most out of your tachograph data
  • We´re open to feedback and you have at any time the possibility to retrieve and erase your tachograph data

Below some of the features included in the service idha-Online and some of the actions taken place during spring of 2018:


  • We have defined and documented our legal ground for handling personal data.
  • We have updated our routines for datatransfer, storing periods, the purpose, who has access and is responsible for personal data in our system.
  • We have developed routines in order to discover, report and investigate any breach of personal data
  • We´re developing the service idha-Online in the context ”Privacy by Design” meaning that we´re constantly take personal integrity in account in our developing process.
  • We´re adopting our system furthermore to meet the right of access by the data subject (driver/user). Drivers can have their own login to your idha-Online account. The driver can only see his own data. The driver cannot erase or change data. We actively informs our customer about the possibility to be transparent with stored personal data (the feature has been in the service since the start 2007).
  • The service idha-Online is fully compliant with the right to portability of data. You can at any time retrieve ”Original files” (public keys for tachograph files are provided by the European Union) from the service.
  • It´s possible to manually erase data if you have the right authorization in your idha-Online account. Data is also erased automatically, see further detailed description in the ”Data Processing Agreement” in the section Download at
  • We have listed and use only sub-processors that are GDPR compliant.


We constantly work to improve our offerings in order for you to get an even smarter service in idha-Online. This includes both changes in existing services and new services. Because of that, this Privacy policy may change over time.

Feel free to contact us or your IDHA Agent/supplier with questions regarding the service and GDPR.