Our commitment to GDPR

Our commitment to GDPR

As you probably allready have read about a new regulation called GDPR comes into effect may 25. It stands for General Data Protection Regulation. It establishes a new framework for handling and protecting personal data.

For the past few months the IDHA team have been working towards making sure that we are aligned to the GDPR framework.

IDHA with the service idha-Online is the Data Processor. In the section Download, www.idha.com, you´ll find the ”Data Processing Agreement”. The Agreement describes our obligations for data stored in our service idha-Online. You may fill in the agreement, sign it and send it to us or your Agent/supplier. IDHA will sign it and send it back to you.

A key feature for idha-Online is that it´s possible for individual drivers to have their own driver login to your idha-Online account, in order to be transparent with data saved for drivers. Of course the driver could only see his own drivercard, saved files and notes. The driver cannot erase nor change data. Please contact your Agent/supplier if you have any question about ”Driver login” (free to use).

In the section Download you find our Privacy policy.

We´re constantly working with improving idha-Online in order to meet future demands. We find it inspiring to do that with ”Privacy by Design” implemented in every step of development.